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And why you probably shouldn’t.

“Why don’t you buy a house now?” This is a question I keep hearing all the time. From parents, in-laws, well-meaning relatives, and others.

Their intentions are right — they want to make sure I’m putting my money to the best possible use. It’s their math that’s broken. I’m so…

I recently tweeted saying that Swiggy has one of the most interesting product cultures in India right now.

The breadth of offerings around food delivery (POP, Super, etc.) that they are building is mind-blowing. But, food delivery only scratches the surface of Swiggy’s true appetite. It’s the Indian startup…

Shades of saffron washing over shades of red — a metaphor to describe India today

Narendra Modi and his party clinched another five years at the helm of the world’s largest democracy in a landslide, yesterday.

To those on the right, this was no surprise — Modi was always going to be their saviour. A clean man with no stains of corruptions, an ascetic who…

Life is long if you know how to live it, says Seneca in his seminal work ironically titled On the Shortness of Life. Like most others, I have struggled with my fair share of time management issues. …

Gokul Nath Sridhar

Small-time startup founder and technophile. Love products that are tastefully designed.

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